Monday, June 19, 2006

New Header and Logo

We're starting to play around with the header on and trying to get something a little better up there. We've been using iStockPhoto to try to find some decent images for the site, with marginal success. I haven't spent too much time on it yet, maybe I'll have some more time in the next few days. The one that's up there is decent but I'd like to get something better.

It was also a pain to manipulate the logo, username and password to go along with the image and get everything to a point where it was visible. You still can't see the login stuff too well, but I'm not sure how long we'll stay with that image so I'm not going to muck with it too much more. Oh, we also changed the logo to take out the texture so it's a little more readable. I've complained that it looks a bit plain now but not everyone agrees with me :)

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